Redmine plugins that work in Redmine 2.2.2.stable


Clipboard image paste
Paste cropped image from clipboard as attachment
Richard Pecl 1.2
Redmine Apijs plugin
Integrate the apijs javascript library into Redmine.
Fabrice Creuzot 4.0.0
Redmine Code Review plugin
This is a Code Review plugin for Redmine
Haruyuki Iida 0.6.1
Did You Mean?
A plugin to search for duplicate issues before opening them.
Alessandro Bahgat and Mattia Tommasone 1.2.0
Redmine Favourite Projects plugin
This is a plugin for Redmine to provide a list of favourite projects on My Page, Top Menu or Project Jumplist
Syntactic Vexation 0.6
Redmine Information Plugin
This is a plugin for information of Redmine
M. Yoshida 1.0.2
Redmine Issue Checklist plugin
This is a issue checklist plugin for Redmine
Kirill Bezrukov 2.0.5
Redmine Local Avatars plugin
This plugin lets users upload avatars directly into Redmine
Andrew Chaika and Luca Pireddu 0.1.1
Redmine Pastebin plugin
A real pastebin plugin for redmine
Alex Shulgin <> 0.2.0
Redmine plugin views revisions plugin
This plugin tries to solve problem that is caused by inability to monkey-patch views in the Redmine. For details please see for more details
Vitaly Klimov 0.0.1
Redmine Theme Changer plugin
Lets each user select a theme for Redmine
Haruyuki Iida 0.1.0
Redmine User Issues
Shows the assigned issues on the user page
Klaus Meyer 0.0.2
Redmine Wiki Gchart LaTeX-style Formula plugin
This plugin enables Redmine to render LaTeX-style formula images in Wiki.
Masamitsu MURASE 0.0.5
Issues XLS export
Export issues to XLS files including journals, descriptions, etc. This plugin requires spreadsheet gem.
Vitaly Klimov 0.2.1
Wiki Next Generation plugin extends Redmine Wiki syntax.
Andriy Lesyuk 0.0.3